MY WORLD is an ongoing project by Olaf Hauschulz.
A series of photographs featuring different locations and places as seen from a very personal point of view.
The first photograph in this series was taken on the 25th of February, 2003.

All the prints in this limited edition series are photographed and printed using only analog techniques and have not been digitally retouched.

This is another of Olaf Hauschulz’ extended projects which spans across many years.
In 1996 Olaf had to initiate his mothers treatment, against her will, and had her admitted into a mental institution.
He was afraid she was going to commit suicide.
This extreme situation created very strong feelings of responsibility and connection in him.
He photographed her at least once every week until her death in 2017.
On the one hand he wanted to understand her feelings in relation to the disease. 
On the other hand he wanted to create a visual tribute of significant memories.
Four years after her death he has started the process of editing this body of work.
Olaf Hauschulz - 2003 by Simon Puschmann

2003 by Simon Puschmann

Olaf Hauschulz - 2016 by Michael Neugebauer

2016 by Michael Neugebauer

OLAF HAUSCHULZ was born in 1968 in Gladbeck, Germany.
Since 1990 the autodidact is working as a Freelance Photographer with stops in Paris, New York and Los Angeles.
Olaf Hauschulz lives and works in Hamburg and Hannover.